Christian Gifts – Beautiful Spiritual Gifts For Those of the Christian Faith

 Christian Gifts – Beautiful Spiritual Gifts For Those of the Christian Faith


Meaningful Christian gifts are a wonderful way to say “thanks” or “I care” to your pastors, priests, bible study groups, prayer groups, or any family member or friend in Engel Anhänger  need of a little boost of faith. The power such a gift can have on it’s recipient is truly amazing! From bringing about feelings of comfort and support to love and appreciation, you can truly touch someone’s soul through the power of a gift; and the joy it brings to the giver is undeniable as well!

Below are several specific suggestions of meaningful Christian gifts, along with pricing information and buying tips.

Comfort Cross Stones & Angel Worry Stones

These beautiful pocket-sized stones have crosses and/or angels within them, and can be held or rubbed to bring about feelings of calmness and connection. Many people use their stones during prayer or meditation, but because of their compact size, they can also go with you each day to serve as special reminders of your faith and how you intend to treat yourself and others each day.

These unique stones also make wonderful wedding favors, baby shower favors, memorial gifts, etc… In fact, most stones can have a few words or dates laser engraved by your local engraver, allowing you to add an extra special touch.

Comfort Crosses and Angel Stones generally sell for around $6.99 each.

Clinging Crosses

These beautiful and unique hand-held crosses are made specifically to fit within the contour of your hand, making them very easy to hold during prayer or meditation.

Smaller versions of the Clinging Cross are also available as pendants, necklaces and keychains, making it easier to find a gift that’s within your price range.



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